Why are we livestreaming ourselves remixing the music of others?

Hello there, I just wanted to let you all in on why we are doing this. Unlike Notbad.ie for which I do a lot of writing about the scene I do not have an editor so please be patient with my grammar, That said I made the titles syntax weird so you would actually look at the article.

So we started doing the stream because our 2020 got cancelled due to a bad case of international scale incompetence and of course a virus. This lead to us having to question what the fuck the point of being alive was. We then had to reinvent what a gig even is to temporarily see us through till gigs come back, but now I’ve grown to enjoy it so we’re just gonna keep doin it and making it more interesting over a (long) period.

We decided that after all of the new ways of spreading disinformation in Europe we needed to maybe lay off the hot sauce and play some milder more feel good psych music, music we were going to release anyway but just not this year. We really love playing the heavier stuff though and it will always be in every set. We like to play all of it,we are hideously gluttonous with the types of music we steal from.

All of the circumstances have lead us here. The legal inability to be in one room and of course the inability to play live are huge contributors.

So Tuath has always used jam sections in our sets so we are just treating this like a gig in that “We literally get to play with another band” even though there is a pandemic on. Bands like seeing their music decimated in front of them too. Initially there was no plan to make it any better.I had 0 fucking idea what I was doing and am still the same way.

7 weeks on and I have had Happy out,The Kessler Effect,New Pope,Messyng,Junk Drawer and Cruiser, By the time of writing Fomorian vein will be just around the corner. We will be featuring quite a few other guests by years end and will be doing a “Christmas special” in which we mash all the artists up.

After ten remixes have been completed. They will be collected and released into the wild in aid of “Musicians without borders” as we have noticed an uptick in the presence of science denial and fascism about the place!

Rob(Myself) and Paul(Our drummer) will be on the podcast “What are we at” in a weeks time. it is sure to be a hoot. be sure to take a look over there.

As an Aside :

Be sure to Check out the weekly playlist on notbad.ie containing most of the acts that we have mentioned. the more follows it gets, the better it is for the artists of Ireland in general due to the way spotify’s algorithm works =

Disclaimer =

This Stream is our minimum viable product as in it needs to be as easy as possible to replicate and as technically low scale as possible as to alleviate any live show-stopping events. This has lead to me using Less moving parts in my audio stream so if my voice is a bit shit sounding on air that is why.

Have a listen to our new latest release “mountains and Grooves” Featuring Lunch machine =

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