Iarlais: Who,what,where,cuz why?

Hello everyone!

First of all, it was an absolute pleasure to host the absolute legends “Hun Huur Tu” in the gorgeous “Amharclann” in Gaoth Dobhair. It was such a wonderful event, Gaoth Dobhair will never be the same. Well I doubt it will, we have shown the potential of Rural Ireland and what can be done there, there is a market for the weird and exotic. They’re cut off, doesnt mean they’re any different from you or me!

We put together some of the songs from our up coming album “Tuath” for the event as not to encroach on Hun Huur Tu’s vibe,the reason for this is that we had no idea that Hun Huur Tu play solo, as in they don’t do opening acts! I didn’t even bother to double check this before booking ourselves as opener and we are lucky they had us cause they enjoyed it. In all honesty, I was going to apply for a grant but I decided against it in the end.

We stripped our tracks back and removed all of the heavy metal energy that we normally bring with us, leaving only the dronous,techno influenced elements behind but with a nod to traditional music from all over the world. We will probably do a recording of that set down the line.

Thanks to each and everyone one of ye who came out. So many people to thank.

Anyway, due to covid picked up at our gig, Our PR man(Stevie Lennox) was unable to help us launch our new track this week so I thought I’d write this wee blog post as an announcement. In a few weeks, we release our first ever electronic record “Iarlais”, Iarlais is Gaeilge for “Changeling”, the reason it is named as such is because it is a remix collection of local Irish artists, we have everyone from Súil Amháin to Myles Manley on this record, a proper mixed bag. This LP started as a pandemic project in which I was remixing the tracks live on stream. It was a shite stream but by god it produced an interesting collection of songs which I finished off camera and sent to Tadhg Kelly for mixing/mastering.

After his untimely death, we decided to make “Summer Is Icumin In” by Shammen Delly the first release, this track has had a very strange life,it started as a remix but then I asked the very talented Tara Baoth Mooney(The Clumsy Giantess) to do some vocals on it and it kinda turned into its own thing. Aengus thankfully liked the final version of the track and gave me the go ahead a few weeks before he passed on.

Thanks to all of ye who have been a part of our lives and have supported us through Aengus’ death.

As was the original intention, the takings from this release will be entirely donated to MASI. Just waiting on the CD’s to arrive now, there are only 100 of them to be printed and they will retail at 10 euro a pop from our website only because fuck platforms we don’t own. All future small scale tickets will be available directly from this site in future too.

Check out the track here at the link below, Its a bit mental….


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