Can we please stop Simping on the deftones for ten minutes?

I get it! they’ve figured out that if you do the Nirvana thing but with reverb aka “Big heavy” But then “Whoosh” “get the good feeling”.I am tired of album after album, the fucking speculation “Will steph put meaty riffy bois into the mix this time? How much will Chino rob from morissey this time” “Oh did you hear the reverb mixed with the big riff, oh isn’t it beautiful, doesn’t it make your heart go ahhh”. Just release Eros and fuck up pls.

We get it and by-fuck I am grateful for having the opportunity to steal from them but jesus fucking christ. Their albums have 0 staying power. they haven’t since 2007 and you know it. Thats not to say that I’m shitting on diamond eyes, it was good but I can barely remember it whereas I can remember lots of other music from 2010 wholeheartedly looking at holy fuck and caribou here.

My newest gripe with the deftones and probably a bunch of other bands is that they’re letting the dumbass stoner guy talk shit about how much of a flat earther he is(has anybody told him gently that the signature deftones sound where the interpolation sound of strings trying to find their way out of an amplifier just doesn’t fucking work when you are playing too many bass strings, you scientifically illiterate twat Steph) 

I listened to the entire Podcast and it had some points grounded in reality with regards the political landscape but jesus it took a nosedive pretty quickly afterwards. This guy is responsible during a really difficult time for his influence on millions of fans who look up to him and he comes out with this shit, this is the type of bullshit that leads you down the garden path to trump land. Did I mention he is a Covid- skeptic?

How the fuck did chino green light this shit? Surely Chino isn’t the boss of anyone but this type of rhetoric is killing people. Like literally fucking killing people, Why hasn’t Chino come out with a Rebuke about this absolute car crash of a statement that is bound to hurt the Deftones for longer than the 1 hour and 49 minute duration of that podcast.

I don’t like to rant on this page but seeing one of my childhood bands Okay such a disastrous thing is not sitting well with me and I just decided to come say it.-Rob

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